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Many Bloggers and Publishers are publishing their blogs and articles every day or more frequently, But few of them know how to market their contents. Its true that the content is only the king in the business of blogging and website publishing. Entrecard is a very good tool especially designed for bloggers. Its a link exchange type of program or promotion site, here you are loosing nothing. In short for the beginners;

First you will have to register your blog on entrecard, and while registering you will be asked for your blog's Icon or Chicklet, this you can keep blank or fill it with text or even you can make it latter.

Than you will be provided with the HTML code of entrecard Icon, that you will have to display on your blog. Most people displays entrecard drop box in the sidebar.

Now login to your entrecard account, visit other entrecard members blog, find out the drop box of entrecard on the blog or site, you will see a Drop text on the entrecard widget, just click on the Drop text, than you will be greeted with the thanks text. Thus you have collected some entrecard point in your account. Their are no limit for the collection of entrecard points. These collected entrecard points (EC) are than will be used for advertisement your blog, on some other blogs.

For marketing, boosting your unique visitors, growing your blog audience, increasing readers/ comments, networking with other bloggers and increasing you blog traffic join Entrecard, its free to use & join Visit Entrecard .

Or for more information and how to do your blog publicity see Entrecard Video.

Many people i know are the member of entrecard but they don't know how to advertise their blog on some other blog, Or how to advertise their blog on entrecard or how to purchase their advertisement on entrecard or how to increase visitors/traffic on blog or how to market their blog.

So here is a guide for the entrecard members those who don't know hoe to increase traffic on blog through entrecard or increase visitors on blog.

Purchasing your first Advertisement for your Blog.

Now I assume that you have some EC(Entrecard Points) in the bank, it’s time to go on a shopping for you blog. To purchase your first advertisement, and pay with the credits you just earned, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Go to the “Campaign” tab in the top navigation.

Step 2. Click the “Browser” option, at the top of the page.

Step 3. On the right of the options, you will see a field for “Maximum Price”. Set this to 4ec.

Step 4. Click “Search” to the left, just under all the options.

Purchasing your first advertisement for your Blog on Entrecard, for marketing your blog Continued....

Step 5. When all the blogs priced at 4ec and under appear, advertise on any one of them by clicking the “Advertise” button, located just under each card. You may want to check out the site you are advertising on first, however, to see what kind of site your ad is running on.

Earn Entrecard points/Entrecard Credits...

You just added the widget to your blog, earned some EC, and bought some ads. As you accumulate more credits, you can purchase advertising on more expensive blogs. You don’t need to drop like crazy to earn credits either. You earn credits when others drop on you, when others buy your ad space, or if you sell products or services in our virtual marketplace.

You might be thinking that how long your ads will run for?

Every ad that you purchase will run for a full 24 hours, and will not be in rotation with any other ad. In other words, when you buy an ad, your ad is up on that blog for a full day.

You may think that, Why do different blogs have different prices?

Every time someone purchases an advertisement on a given blog, the cost goes up for the blog they bought the ad on. Every time a day goes by without someone purchasing an ad on that given site, the price goes down.

And so, in this fashion, everyone’s prices are based on demand. Expect to see higher prices for blogs with higher Alexa Rank, Google Page rank, Technorati Authority, and so on. Also expect to see higher prices to advertise on blogs where the Entrecard widget is at the top of the blog. Everyone has different tools they use to analyze a blog’s advertising value, and everyone has a different amount they’re willing to pay to advertise on a blog. You may have your own ways to judge how valuable advertising is. When in doubt, just ask in the forums -chances are someone has advertised on that blog before and will tell you how it did.

Now you can increase your blog traffic very easily and legally. It's very easy to market your blog or to increase visitors on your blog with Entrecard. Most important its free to join & use. To join Entrecard visit here.

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