Get Free GNU Theme For Wordpress, PlaneText

Here is a theme or a theme designer for wordpress cms. These free themes are designed for use with WordPress, Wordpress is a free content management system and are licensed with the GNU General Public License. These themes are from . Benefit of these themes are that these themes contain no sponsored links or any malicious code. All themes are Widgets compatible and include theme options submenus. All themes are free to use, modify and countribute it is covered under GNU General Public License.

If you modify these themes than please consider donating or submitting your code to ensure continued development.

Barthelme Two columns with an unique approach to the fluid layout and typographically rich. An excellent choice for a photo blog, vlog, or any other content-centered blog.

Blog.txt Less than 300 lines of CSS for screen and print. Robust theme options provide two- or three-column layouts for nine possible combinations.

PlaintxtBlog The original minimalist three-column theme for WordPress, with a wide content area sidebars are intentionally narrow to discourage clutter.

Sandbox One of the most influential blog themes, the Sandbox is a starting point for designers and developers—the original and best blank slate theme. The Sandbox is rich with semantic classes powered by dynamic functions and Micro formats.

Simplr The original minimalist one-column theme for WordPress. It provides a unique format for highlighting the latest content.

Veryplaintxt The original minimalist two-column theme for WordPress. A fluid layout with a newspaper-ish feel, its solid layout, thoughtful design elements, and numerous theme options make this theme much more than simply “plain.” This is the minimal classic WordPress theme. For more theme & information read at

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