Typing Fun For Kids TuxTyping, Help Kids To Recognise Alphabets On Keyboards.

Here I would like to suggest you a nice software for children to practice alphabets on the keyboard of laptop or on keyboard of desktop. It’s a best free software which I come across, on the internet for a child. It’s non other than but Tux Typing, it is very simple, easy, fun and interesting typing / alphabet recognition free software for children available.

Tux Typing provides a fun experience for kids those who want to learn typing, wants to know how to type and wants to know / recognise the alphabets on the keyboard.

TuxTypingIt’s a game playing experience while typing for children, letters or words come falling down from the upside, and you will have to type them as fast as possible in order to gain the highest possible scores.

TuxTyping is an open source, free software and an educational too, to practice keyboards in a fun way for kids and they also learns to find alphabets on it. It is also beneficial for parents, elders as well as for teachers.

I introduced TuxTyping2 to my daughter, and she got stuck to this software (Tux Typing) and enjoyed very much that I can’t explain, she started recognising every alphabets in seconds, at present she is just at the age of 3.5Year.

Get the Tux Typing freely downloaded at :- If you are using or wants to run TuxTyping2 on Windows OS than this is the direct Download Link to download TuxTyping2. click DOWNLOAD for TuxTyping2 on WINDOWS or go to this link http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/tuxtype/Tuxtype2-1.5.3-installer.exe?download .

And if you are having OS other than Windows than go to this link http://tuxtype.sourceforge.net/download/  to download TuxTyping2 and TuxTyping1 for different OS i.e. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux i386 RPM, Slackware i386 tgz, Linux Debian, Linux Gentoo. TuxTyping is one of the Linux, open source, free software which can also run on Windows. Keep searching like Search Freak, get into knowledge keep visiting  http://searchfreak.blogspot.com ....

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