Robotics Competition, Robotix IIT Kharagpur, India.

Here is a challenge for all the Students, Engineers, and Scientists.

IIT Kharagpur is organiseing the robotics competition.

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All In One Techno-Management Competition for Engineers, Scientists, Students, Hobbyist. IIT Kharagpur India.

Now here IIT Kharagpur is organising a Robotics competition through its society called TRS, (Technology Robotix Society). It is a mega challenge for the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence experts.

So don't miss the chance for being their. If you missed the dates for joining competitions, than don't worry it will come again in the next year or in the near feature so keep visiting . It also will be a thrilling experience if you just visit their as a viewer or visitor. It is always beneficial if you take the company of an intelligents.

It is going to attract the intelligents from across the country as well as from around the globe. Its a annual robotics competition held during KSHITIJ at IIT Kharagpur, which is now the largest of its kind in India. In the last year with more than 2500 participants, 1200 teams, 11 international teams and prizes worth over 2 lakhs ware the attraction.

The competition is going to held from 29 January 1 February 2009.

For more details and registrations go to the site of robotix at

To know every thing about the events of Robotics competitions go to this link

The brief details of these events of robotics competition, ROBOTIX challenges and brain-storming problem statements are as below.

1) FramED9211

Consider a video of cars passing by one at a time with different speeds. You need to submit a code to enclose the number plate of the cars which have been reported to be speeding, in a box and relay the plate numbers. See more details at

2) Μmouse4D

The task of the event is to write the code for a robot which can traverse a maze and reach its centre in the quickest possible time. The code of the robot will be simulated in Microsoft Robotics Studio.

The coder has to edit a function which controls the movement of the bot. The template for all codes will be provided by the AI heads of ROBOTIX. See more details at kharagpur robotics compeetition 12doors down

3) 8Mile

To make an autonomous guided vehicle which can navigate on a road, stopping at zebra-crossing, following traffic lights and reaching an end point. See more details at

4) 12DoorsDown

The man lost in the dungeons … the rescue commando… together they search their way out… Can u help????

Just make one autonomous and one manual robot such that the manual bot guides the autonomous bot out of a square grid of cells, covering a specified number of checkpoints,and reaches the end point. See more details at kharagpur robotics compeetition #wedged

5) wEDGED 

The robot has to climb up an inclined wedge and it has to check its skin from two pendulums which will be oscillating over the wedge. And now the most interesting part- It has to jump off the wedge with the help of a swing!The bot has to land on a rectangular block C and run quickly into its victory zone.

Isn’t it fun? See more details at

6) #mEsh

It gets pretty closer to what you must have seen in movies related to Army, wherein soldiers are made to perform various climbing tasks as a part of training activity.iit kharagpur robotics compeetition #mEsh

The only difference here is you will be building a manually controlled robot capable of climbing and descending a metallic mesh in the similar fashion like a soldier.

Sounds cool right??? See more details at

See all events at with more details, pictures, tutorials, videos, downloads at

Or go to the home page of robotics competition at IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur is situated in West Bengal, India.

See the location of IIT Kharagpur in Google earth, now into your browser click this link :-,87.703857&spn=1.312691,2.568054&z=9&t=h&output=html

iit kharagpur road map google earth

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